isle of skye - Adam Sherratt
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The Old Man of Storr - Isle of Skye

The North-East Coastline of Skye is one of ridges, rocks, and cliffs. The Trotternish Ridge, created during an ancient landslide and sculptured over the eons by wind, rain and snow, is an amazing place. Featured in many feature films, often as an alien landscape, this ridge line is a spectacular location for photographs. The Old Man of Storr is a pinnacle of rock high up on the ridge, just below the sheer cliff face. Visible from miles around, this landmark is an absolute must see for all photographer. The climb up is from around 150m above sea level, to approximately 500m. With steep gradients and icy paths, this climb is an epic, especially when you consider the need to be carrying all of your photography equipment. We set out for this location at approximately 3am, arriving at the car park at around 3:30. And so began the long, hard slog to the top. The conditions weren't too bad. Although cold, it wasn't overly windy. The skies were clear and full of stars. However the recent snowfall had covered the paths and in places set solid as ice. We didn't always know where the trail was, hidden by the snow, and so were cutting out way upwards, always keeping the Storr in sight. We passed the Storr on the way up to the viewpoint, wanting to be beyond it for the best view. The sounds of falling rocks all around, mixing with our rasping breath was a sharp reminder of how remote a spot this was. The snow had completely masked the path over to the viewpoint, however there was a thin line of footprints, indication that some other photographer was over there. We made our way over, the path collapsing with every step, and onto the viewpoint, just in time for sunrise. And what a sunrise it was. Full of pinks, oranges, vibrant blues. The kind of sunrise you get in the purest air. Stunning. A moment to treasure, a real sense of achievement.

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