peak district national park photography - Adam Sherratt
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Monsal Head - Peak District National Park

Monsal Head viaduct, the old train tracks long since abandoned and now a public footpath and cycle trail is a very popular spot for both walkers and photographers. On the hilltop, overlooking the viaduct is the Monsal Head Hotel and Stable Bar, a wonderful spot for a pint of real ale whilst watching the sun go down. The viaduct, with it’s 5 arches spaning the Wye Valley, first opened in 1863. It faced similar criticism to that which any large scale construction project would face today, claims that it destroyed the beauty of the valley. Personally I like major pieces of architecture, feeling that they break up the landscape, giving the eye and the mind something to settle upon and consider. My only regret with this viaduct is the lack of steam trains rolling over the arches.

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