peak district national park photography - Adam Sherratt
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The Lone Tree Phenomenon - Peak District National Park

The phenomenon of the lone tree photograph is a strange one. It is a subject that is often visited by photographers all around the world. I suspect that it is because the tree can be used to add scale whilst simplifying the landscape. It also adds an anchor point, a point of focus, somewhere for the eye to settle. This shot of a lone tree however is slightly different in that the tree is the actual subject matter. I shot this because I love the way the branches, bare of leaves, seem to mimic the flow of a river system, collecting together, getting wider and stronger as it flows towards the sea. This shot was taken on the Longshaw Esate in the Peak District National Park on a very bleak morning. Longshaw is managed by the National Trust and contains a mixture of open moorland, valleys, streams and waterfalls. A wonderful place to visit, especially if you like wildlife.

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