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The Brides Veil - Isle Of Skye

Sitting at the end of the Trotternish Ridge on The Isle of Skye is one of Skye's finest waterfalls, the Brides Veil. So called because of the way the water splits over the rocks, forming a lace like pattern, this waterfall is rather pretty. The Trotternish Ridge, created during an ancient landslide and sculptured over the eons by wind, rain and snow, is an amazing place. Featured in many feature films, often as an alien landscape, this ridge line is a spectacular location for photographs. Access to the bottom of the waterfall is fairly easy as you can park at the road side. However, getting to the top requires a bit of effort if there has been recent rains. The moors around here absorb the water like a sponge, and you will be slipping and sliding your way to the upper edge. But it's well worth it, with views of the The Old Man of Storr and beyond.

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